Establishment mapping

Speed, precision, accuracy

The laser scanner survey is essential for detecting complex industrial systems, consisting of a large number of elements: assembly lines, pipes and plant engineering. With this technology it is possible to obtain a database of 3D coordinates that is extremely precise for the construction or modification of plants and/or structures.

Once the survey in the field has been completed and the data processed, it will be possible to obtain a three-dimensional database of buildings and machinery located anywhere in the world. The very high precision and the data taking range allow us to plan modifications or maintenance of machines and systems.


If you are upgrading your industrial facility, modifying or implementing its set-up or simply verifying conditions, it will be easier to keep both the interior and exterior of the facility safe by using more accurate virtual as-built models, which can be exploited subsequently, during the entire life cycle of the plant. Our team can support you in the selection and evaluation phase as well as in the various phases of project implementation.

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